Religion and beliefs


  1. What does the Cree Tribe believe in as the most powerful or the ruler of their tribe?
  2. What beast does the Cree Tribe believe in that comes to attack them?
  3. What was the persons task in order to kill the monster?
  4. What god or ruler did they honor and celebrate?
  5. What is their tribe's spirit?
  6. How did good and evil spirits come to them?


  1. The Crees believe in a person called Kitche Manitou who has supreme power over all creations.
  2. The Cree believed in the "Windigo" monster that comes every winter to devourer people of the Cree Tribe. The Windigo to a certain person which was conquered or taken over by evil spirits which makes it transform into an ape like giant and attacks the Cree Tribe. Other people just find it as a hairy giant and a demon morphed together. The Windigo craves for human flesh. According to legends and myths the Windigo can be destroyed by being burned. When turning into a demon its heart turns to ice and then can be melted. Once they melt the heart, the beast dies. It is fought by a fierce medicine man from the Cree Tribe. Whoever wins the battle eats the person who loses. Windigo.jpg
  3. The medicine man's task is to melt the ice heart of the Windigo with a torch.
  4. The Cree Tribe believes in their god or ruler called Kitche Manitou (Ki-sei-men'-to). The Cree Tribe called him Ki-sei-men'-to instead of saying his holy name, Kitche Manitou, to respect him.
  5. There are spirits which control the living. The Cree believed that the spirits would enter a body at birth and leave a body at death. When death occurs the spirit will travel across the Milky Way and go to the grass world where children, men and women would live after death. Matci Manito is the spirit of disease and vicious animals. Later he became similar to the devil.
  6. Spirits possess everything. Every living thing has a spirit. People, animals and plants all have spirits. Different spirits affect people for the better or for the worst. Spirits possess a living thing at birth and leavse at death then stays with another living thing during that time.
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